Free Herpes Drugs

It is not widely known, but most drug manufacturers have programs that enable low-income patients to obtain prescription drugs at little or no cost.

Famvir and Valtrex are the names of two new antiviral drugs for the treatment of herpes. Valtrex is the next generation of Zovirax and is produced by the same drug firm, Glaxo Wellcome. Famvir is manufactured by SmithKline Beecham. A generic version of Zovirax became available in the spring of 1997. All of these drugs require a prescription.

If you can't afford the non-generic herpes drugs, have your doctor or health care professional call the patient programs at Glaxo Wellcome (1-800-722-9294) or at SmithKline Beecham (1-800-546-0420). The drug company will need to know your income, your household size and that you do not have insurance. If you qualify, you will be able to get the drug at no charge or for only $5.00.