Herpes Information

Our national organization has excellent, informative materials, some for free on their web site, some for sale. You can order these by phone at 1-800-230-6039 from the ASHA Resource Center, or by mail addressed to:

P.O. Box 13827
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

ASHA is the American Social Health Association. Our national organization, the Herpes Resource Center, is part of ASHA. To preserve confidentiality, the mail will come to you in an envelope that has only a P.O. Box as the return address. There is no mention of herpes or ASHA.

The free literature includes excellent pamphlets: "Questions and Answers," "Telling Your Partner," "When Your Partner has Herpes," and "Herpes and Pregnancy." The quarterly newsletter, The Helper, will keep you up on the latest medical research. It also addresses a wide range of other herpes-related issues. It costs $25 for a year's subscription. We highly recommend it.

The outstanding book Managing Herpes is one of the best books available. It covers medical and emotional issues and is well worth the $25. The pamphlets and Managing Herpes are available at our meetings or can be ordered by mail. The $25 cost of Managing Herpes includes postage. To order by mail, send a check made out to "HELP of Washington" to:

HELP of Washington
P.O. Box 2587
Washington, DC 20013