Useful Websites

There are a number of interesting sources of information about herpes dealing with clinical trials and herpes management. As with much of the Web, there is wide variation in the accuracy of the medical information.

Our national organization has an excellent site with extensive information on a wide-range of medical and social issues. They also have accurate, up-to-date materials for sale and for free on their web site at

The Antopia Herpes Network is operated by the Los Angeles HELP group. The site offers information, links to support groups, chat rooms, alternative therapies, newsgroups.

VIRIDAE is operated by a Canadian company headed by Dr. Stephen Sacks, author of The Truth About Herpes. The site tells about the company's antiretroviral research, mostly on herpes and hepatitis. It has excellent information about the medical and psychosocial issues presented by herpes.

University of Washington Virology Research Clinic . This site is operated by one of the nation's leading herpes research centers and contains solid information about the disease, a page for support, information on clinical trials, and links to other herpes-related sites.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Maintained by CDC's Division of STD prevention, this site provides some good accurate information on herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases, including what's in the news and recently published articles about herpes.

Go Ask Alice. An interactive site operated by Columbia University, with an accent on conversational English and user friendliness. Generally accurate but not always complete.

International Herpes Alliance. Sponsored by the International Herpes Alliance (IHA) -- a non-profit global association of patient support organizations and health care professionals, this site offers a variety of resources, including a list of US and international support groups. You can download leaflets on topics such as "What it Means For Your Partner," and "How To Tell." There's also an area for sharing personal experiences and perspectives -- in confidence, of course.